Marco Capellini: "Ecodesign is not a trend, it's an industrial necessity"

Marco Capellini

An Italian industrial designer from Rome, Capellini began getting involved in ecodesign from his studio Capellini Design & Consulting.

As the subject grew in his country, he moved on to create Remade, an organization to promote design with recycled materials that expanded to Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brasil, Chile and France.

Later on, Capellini realized there was much interest in designing with recycled materials, but little resources to get recycled materials from, so he founded Matrec: an online resource for connecting creators with companies that offer those products. He also took part in shaping Ecotool, an online utility to analyze the environmental impact of a product.

Besides coordinating the Remade project and his other initiatives, the designer now works as a consultant to the Italian government. He is currently preparing the book Italian design for sustainability, a compilation of green projects that will be published next year.

Integrating the future

Capellini was one of the speakers at Integrating the future, the first responsible design activity carried away by the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Design Center. The event took place last November 14 and 15, with the participation of our previously featured designers Tota Reciclados, Gruba, Neumatica, 12-Na, Indarra DTX, Juana de Arco, MHU!, BCK and shoe maker Huija.

(Disclaimer: this writer voluntarily collaborated in the mentioned event).
Integrating the future
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