Manzini and Jegou's Book: Album Solutions

Although shopping is fun, the reality is that new green products, on their own, aren't going to get us out of the jam we're in. But new thinking just might. Last year Ezio Manzini and Francois Jegou, a couple of Italian visionaries, co-ordinated a......series of design workshops under the moniker of the International Network on Design for Sustainability. The slender, easily digested Album: A Catalogue of Promising Solutions holds 75 ideas from 10 countries. Its accompanying full scale book, Sustainable Everyday: Scenarios of Urban Life, details the results of these mind stretching sessions. Some of the solutions are so blindingly obvious, while others might have you saying "As if" or "Wow, that's out there". But either way they paint a picture of a possible way forward. ::Triennale ::Order Book (Both books are happily available in English)[by WM]