Many Mini Changes Make Big Differences with "My Gulf Action"

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We need to make commitments for decreasing our reliance on oil. That's no news flash. But when it comes to making real change, it can be confusing on where to start -- oil is, after all, ubiquitous. To help get the ball rolling, Climate Culture has launched a new tool for taking action with measurable results for how much oil you can save by making a few small changes in your life...which will hopefully lead to ever bigger changes. There are five things My Gulf Action is asking people to do:
Buy a hybrid car
Drive less often
Drive less aggressively
Bike to work
Drink less bottled water

(EDIT: There are more suggestions made by My Gulf Action once you create a profile with the site.)

Right away, we have to say, please don't buy a hybrid car. You'll save oil, embodied energy, and money by using your old (but well-maintained) car or, better yet, using a car only when absolutely necessary. The other actions, however, make sense.

As a way of making the pledge more meaningful, you can see exactly how much oil you will not use by making the particular change.

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However, as Lloyd pointed out earlier this week, a long-term outlook for moving away from oil is more about living in well-planned walkable and bikeable cities than making pledges.

Still, we have to act immediately to move away from oil, and as most of us are relying on city planners and architects to make the urban settings in which we live more environmentally friendly, pledges like these that change our daily habits right now will help us make a speedier transition.

And, if you're pleased to make pledges, getting away from plastics is a major way to cut down on oil consumption. The Plastiki is looking for people to pledge to get away from plastic, reducing pollution in the process.

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