Manure Sculpture "Nick Smith in the Shit" Sold at Auction

shit sculpture of nick smith by sam mahon image

Image: TradeMe
Bullshit Bust Pokes Kiwi Minister
A manure sculpture of New Zealand agricultural minister Nick Smith has sold on the Kiwi auction site TradeMe. The sculpture by artist Sam Mahon, who traditionally works in bronze, immortalizes Mahon's opinion that Nick Smith has not taken sufficient action to protect New Zealand waters from pollution by agricultural run-off. How much would you pay for such a masterpiece?Manure Sculpture Preserved for Posterity
Before deciding, you should know that the sculpture does not stink and will last forever. Cow patties were collected from an organic dairy farm, ground up in a coffee grinder, and mixed with resins for a preserved, moldable medium, which was then finished with a polish of beeswax. The artist describes his work at TradeMe:
The sculpture has a hollow head, which is very fitting. It is highly polished and sits on the stand slightly to the right of centre.

Minister Nick Smith took the whole thing with humor. According to the New Zealand Press, Smith reacted: "Excuse the pun, but I would describe it as crap art. I have had far worse things in politics in the past. I take it all in good humour."

112 bidders competed to land this artistic prize. The winner got away with a steal: NZ$3080 (US$ 2200) worth of bullshit will grace the anonymous bidder's shelf. According to the artist, the coffee grinder used to prepare the medium is still in use for its more traditional purpose. Ah, the sweet taste of victory!

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