Managing Waste In Your State


Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but we are one of the leaders in recycling and I was thrilled to see an advertisement in my local newspaper for RIRRC — Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. I, of course, immediately logged on to the website to check it out. RIRRC is a state environmental agency that is "dedicated to providing the public with environmentally sound programs and facilities to manage solid waste." The agency owns and operates a central landfill and materials recycling facility and was created in 1974. The website is not only a great educational resource, but you can request recycling bins, learn how to start a recycling program within your business, find out where you can drop off old computer parts and cell phones and you can learn about recycling programs in each of the towns within the state of Rhode Island. There's a "Kids Corner" to start educating your little ones at an early age and even information about school recycling. Okay now I know all of you are jealous, but do you know if your state has a resource like this? Look into it! ::RIRRC [by KD]