Man Discovers Pi Repeats Itself At The Hyper-Thousandth Level While Eating A Heirloom Tomato Sandwich


An amateur mathematician, Hagar Dronbecker, has discovered that Pi repeats itself at the hyper-thousandth level. The idea came upon him while he was eating a heirloom green and red tomato sandwich drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. (Note: the photo above is not the actual sandwich but an approximation.) Apparently, the meta-fractal pattern of the Green Stripe and the Brandywine tomatoes led him to infer that Pi would indeed repeat itself at the hyper-thousandth level, due to the fact that Pi could not be any more random than the quasi-repeated scalene curve of the organically-grown fruit.

More specifically, the point of repetition in Pi occurs when it starts to move into a controversial set of numbers mathematicians call "NLNcHT Numbers" or New Large Numbers Considered to be in the Hyper-Thousands. The repeating sequence consists of the following numerals: "949700010007949". Some have argued that this is not a true repetition per se, but rather a numerical palindrome. Undaunted, Dronbecker will be submitting the sequence for review to The International Society for Large Numbers and Sequences, for official verification.