Man Arrested for Stealing Grease to Make Biodiesel

Burger King grease thief
David Richardson, a 49-year old man from Illinois, was arrested by the police in Morgan Hill, California. He was trying to steal used cooking grease from a Burger King restaurant and pump it into his tanker truck when he was caught greasy-handed.

Ok, can someone tell that guy that if you ask, many restaurants will be more than happy to have you take away their cooking grease since otherwise they have to pay someone to do it? We hope that none of our biodiesel/SVO-using readers are stealing grease. Please, always ask permission!

The good side of this story is that it's probably evidence of the rising popularity of biodiesel. But not all biodiesel is made equal, it depends on the feedstock: Waste cooking grease is green, virgin soybeans probably not, and algae is the future. If you want to learn more about it, check out: ::Green Basics: Biodiesel, ::Ethanol vs. Biodiesel: Just the Facts, ::Find Biodiesel With Your Cell Phone.

Man Arrested for Stealing Grease to Make Biodiesel

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