Mammut Makes Climate Neutral Ropes


Swiss mountaineering company, Mammut, once made hemp climbing ropes. And although that sounds that sounds nostalgically green, you would be hard pressed to convince today’s climbers and alpinists to return to hemp. So how does one make a high tech nylon rope more eco? Mammut’s solution has been to partner with to offset the emissions generated in manufacturing and marketing their ropes.

In short, Mammut are funding the construction of 500 solar-powered greenhouses in the Himalayan region of Ladakh. The greenhouses will artificially extend the vegetation period and enable food to be grown locally. They’re say they’re also supporting the construction of 20 small (10 kW) hydroelectric power stations.This initiative follows a previous project that saw them support 100 students installing low-flow nozzles, ("Aqua Clics"), on more than 1,000 taps and 200 showers in the Swiss town of Davos, with a view to improving the carbon footprint of the winter sports resort. :: Mammut, via OIA.

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