Malta - 1 : Austria - 0 (If Greening Were An International Sporting Event)


Although this matchup won't be taking place in the upcoming World Cup, by eco-standards, Malta scores a point. Recent news about the country's World Environment Day events, which included Environment Minister George Pullicino's participation in a water polo fundraiser for a nationwide tree-planting program, takes the lead against Austria's environmental concessions to the Paris Hilton sparkly wine publicity stunt. Helicopters are usually forbidden from the resort down Ischgl in Tyrol because of the noise and pollution, but Austrian authorities lifted the ban for the hotel heiress who didn't want to be driven to the PR event for a new sparkling wine drink in a can. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean island of Malta celebrated World Environment Day with an art exhibition on trees and the environment, an eco forum focused on economic opportunities arising from environmental protection, and a "biodiesel bucket" sale. (Though Malta apparently has a long way to go to get truly green - see 'comments' to learn more) Via: The Times of Malta and A Socialites Life