Malin Ackerman Volunteers for the NRDC, Kate Walsh Swims with Sea Turtles, and More (Video)

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Mailin Ackerman grows an eco-conscience. Credit: Steve Shaw Photography Inc., 944 Magazine

From Actress Malin Ackerman's--most recognizable for her roles in The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen, and Couples Retreat--expanding green conscience to Kate Walsh's swim with sea turtles in support of Oceana--click through for the video--and Emily Deschanel, who brought factory farming footage to Fox, a lot happened this week in green celebrity news.

Malin Ackerman Goes Green After Seeing An Inconvenient Truth

Malin Ackerman--who we saw strut her stuff on the green runway at Be EcoChic--was inspired by Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth to immediately switch out light bulbs, buy a hybrid, and combat vampire power. Ackerman has volunteered her time attending council meetings at the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and does not sacrifice luxuries like shopping and beauty treatments--she simply shops vintage, second-hand, and frequents eco-friendly salons. :: EcoStiletto.

Kate Walsh Makes Waves with Oceana

Kate Walsh Wants to Save Sea Turtles from Oceana on Vimeo.

Private Practice star Kate Walsh is making a public plea for sea turtles as Oceana's newest celebrity spokesperson in a campaign called Getting Sea Turtles Off the Hook. If it comes as a surprise to you that six of the seven species of sea turtles found worldwide are listed as threatened or endangered, you're not alone: "We need to raise awareness about sea turtles because most people don't even know that they're in trouble," says Walsh. "If people know what's actually happening in the water, it will encourage them to take action to help save sea turtles." The campaign includes print, online, tv, and radio spots filmed at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge in St. Croix, and focuses on the dangers the turtles face from fishing gear and unlivable beaches.::Mother Nature Network

Emily Deschanel Brings Factory Farming to Fox

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Last week's episode of Fox's forensics show Bones had the detectives investigating a murder on a chicken farm--and included real footage of factory farming (provided by Farm Sanctuary) at the request of lead actress (and vegan) Emily Deschanel--while the realities of factory farming inspire another character to rescue a pig. Missed it? Watch the entire episode, "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken," on Hulu. ::Via Farm Sanctuary

Tate Donovan Rides Bike Style at Global Green Sustainable Design Awards

global green tate donovan

Global Green USA, a celebrity-heavy organization that has most recently led green reconstruction efforts in New Orleans, hosted their Annual Sustainable Design Awards in New York City this week. Scottish actor Brian Cox, who lent his voice to the soon-to-be released Fantastic Mr. Fox, presided over the ceremony. He was joined by David Brancaccio host of PBS' Now, Tony Plana from Ugly Betty, designer Nicole Miller, architect Thom Mayne, actor Tate Donovan (above).

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