Maker Faire 2012: EcoJaunt's How-To Videos For Green Living

ecojaunt photo© Jaymi Heimbuch

The HomeGrown section of Maker Faire is generally one of my favorites, with loads of info and workshops from growing mushrooms to setting up grey water systems to making your own cheese. This year, the section seemed surprisingly small with fewer exhibits. However, there was one that stood out: EcoJaunt.

The new venture is all about bringing easy and inspirational how-to videos to viewers, so that we can all learn the "secrets" to sustainable living. Traveling all over the place, the project seeks out experts and condenses information down to short videos of about 5 minutes.

According to the site: "The website is a place where people can search through videos and how-to projects to learn about sustainable ideas and practices; or view our adventures as episodic entertainment that will spark ideas that they can implement. It will also be a place where everyone can chat and spread ideas on a discussion forum. Communities will be able to share ideas and questions directly with each other and post their words for the world to see."

EcoJaunt looks inspiring, and like a very fun adventure. Here are a couple of the videos as a sampler:

Maker Faire 2012: EcoJaunt's How-To Videos For Green Living
A home base for eco-living education, a start-up called EcoJaunt has traveled all over to collect the best tips and tricks from DIY experts.

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