Makedo. Kool Klever Kreation Kits For Kids

Makedo Kit photo

Makedo kit. Photo credit: Makedo

The Makedo connector set. TreeHugger's Roberta picked it as one of her 10 Best Green Toys at last years international toy fair. Then when readers selected it as their top Industrial Design or Design Idea for TreeHugger's Best of Green 2010 Awards, Lloyd felt under pressure to reconsider his own Editors Choice. Could this be the Meccano, Erector Set or Lego for a new generation. Might it even challenge Uberstix for title of world's most planet positive toy?

This simple award winning kit constructs whatever your imagination conjures up. From, say, a dragonfly to a geodesic dome, from the detritus of modern life. Makedo is particularly adept at joining together cardboard, paper, plastic and fabric.

makedo geodesic dome photo

Geodesic Dome made with Makedo connectors from aluminium printing plates salvaged from a local printer. Photo credit: Makedo
Makedo dragonfly photo

Dragonfly created by Elise Harkey Photo credit: Makedo

Our little boy was given one for Christmas, though he might need to wait awhile, as it really suited to kids four and older, given the small pieces involved. Inside the recycled cardboard tube, you get a a bunch of pins and clips (like classy reusable cable/zip ties), some hinges and and a safe saw, for cutting cardboard and punching holes. Oh and there are also comprehensive instructions for making all sorts of treasures from dogs to cars.

The pins/clips and hinges of this Australian innovation are reusable, so once little John and/or Jane tire of their creation, everything can be reused to fashion another structure. With a heap of imagination and a little structural nous there seem little that a clever or curious kid couldn't craft with this kit. Just check out the Makedo gallery of what has already been created.

How to makedo - extended from MAKEDO on Vimeo.

In an era where Lego has become so specialised that most kits are for single structures, Makedo opens wide children's creativity to a much broader vista of possibilities. We revere those farmers who can fix anything with just a few lengths of fencing wire and baler twine. Toys like Makedo will hopefully engender that same level of ingenuity in our kids. Can't wait for our little lad to be old enough to get amongst it.

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