Make Money While Making a Difference

Are you an idealist? You can be a realist at the same time by working for a company dedicated to helping the environment. is a jobsearch site geared towards nonprofit organizations and people who want to work for them. A quick search on jobs in New York City with the keyword "Environment" turned up 71 open positions ranging from a front desk receptionist for NYPIRG to a coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Jaguar Conservation Program in Mesoamerica. If you're not in NYC, don't fret: Idealist has jobs all over the world with a variety of companies that champion a variety of causes. We always encourage our readers to donate money and volunteer time whenever possible, but sometimes you've just got to pay the rent; here's a sustainable route to keeping that green roof over your head.; see also ::Find Work in a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Organization