Make a GOOD Choice and Waste Less

Garbage Bag Photo

Photo credit: TheWanderingEye/Creative Commons

Every month GOOD encourages their readers to take on a new lifestyle challenge. This month, they are asking people to consider how much they are throwing away. Studies show that the average American throws out 4.4 pounds of garbage per day. Believably, this really adds up.

The GOOD July challenge asks you to throw away only enough to fill one paper shopping bag per week. Sounds tough considering the burdensome bags you haul out of your home every week? That's exactly why they call it a challenge.

Try taking their challenge and teach yourself how to waste less. This could mean less takeout food, composting, or bringing a reusable mug to your local coffee house. Regardless, it will require you to make some lifestyle changes and really think about what is necessary and what is, well, wasteful.

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