Make a dollhouse chair from your champagne corks


Here is a way to keep busy when everyone else is having a good time and you are the designated driver: Take all of those champagne corks with their wire cages and recycle them into little models of "the chair that has seated millions" – a classic Thonet cafe chair. Learn how at Instructables.

And don't forget, champagne corks can travel up to 50 miles per hour – remove them safely: From the Washington Post:

• Chill your champagne or other sparkling wine to 45 degrees Fahrenheit before opening. Corks are more likely to pop unexpectedly from warm bottles.

• Don't shake or agitate the bottle before opening.

• Take precautions from the very start of the opening process: You can't count on that little wire cage to hold a ready-to-burst cork from popping. (Fountain says the pressure in that bottle is between 50 pounds per square inch and 90 PSI – the same, she says, as the pressure in the tire of a double-decker bus.)

• Remove the cage. Drape the cork end of the bottle with a towel, and grab it.

• Point the bottle at a 45-degree angle, away from yourself and any bystanders.

• Slowly and firmly twist the bottle while holding the cork – still sheathed in that towel – steady. When the cork's just about to pop, press it down slightly to keep it under control as it eases out.

• Never open any sparkling beverage with a corkscrew.

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