Major Toronto Export: Crap


Ontario, Canada is big, really big- a million square kilometres, over twice the size of Texas. Not too many people in it, either. Surprisingly, there is nowhere in this big place to put our garbage, so we export it to Michigan. Toronto is also big, and its inhabitants go to the bathroom regularly. This crap is treated and reduced to sludge, which also has no home in Canada but our American neighbours have kindly accepted it, so we truck it to Michigan as well. Now the Michiganers are getting uppity and say they don't want our shit, and as of August 1st we are all going to have to hold it in as there appears to not be a dump, field or hole in the ground in Ontario in which to put it.

It is worth thinking about banning flush toilets and making composting toilets mandatory. We rarely think about where this stuff goes, other than....away. Until we have to deal with the fact that the stuff does not actually disappear when we flush the toilet we will continue to have a bizarre system where we truck sludge across borders, dump it on farmers fields and just pour it into rivers. The whole system stinks. ::Yahoo News