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Maggie's Organics Sock Monkey Photo
Maggie's Organics Sock Monkey Group Photo

Image source: Maggie's Organics

Taking creativity and sustainability to the next level, workers in Maggie's Organics new worker-owned coop are now using "less than perfect" leftovers from the solid cotton crew-top organic socks manufactured there to make sock monkeys. This is the first product produced by the worker-owned co-op, located in North Carolina, and is the first product made for the Eco-Menagerie line. Each of the monkeys has distinct detailing like two-toned arms, sewn-on faces and mischievous smiles, and they come in a variety of shades.The sock monkeys are made from 89% organic cotton sock scraps, 10% nylon and 1% spandex and are stuffed with polyester scraps for filling. With concerns over lead and other toxic chemicals found in children's toys, this is another organic, machine-washable toy that is kid-friendly. The first sock monkeys were "invented" during the Great Depression by creative housewives. Now workers concerned with making sure their business is sustainable (profitable) and healthy are finding creative ways to use all materials available.

Maggie's Organics has been making organic socks, tights, scarves and tees since 1995 in Ypsilanti, Michigan with organic cotton and fair trade materials. They have helped create several worker-owned cooperatives, including locations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. :Sock Monkeys::Maggie's Organics
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