Madonna's Worst Dressed, Jennifer Aniston's Obnoxious Style Costs, and More

madonna wearing fur photo

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Poor Madame "M"! Madonna just can't seem to catch a break. The eco-minded blast her massive carbon footprint. Her ex-husband, Guy Richie, refers to her publicly as "It." Now, PETA singles her out as their worst dressed celebrity of 2009. The animal rights activists claim she is the biggest fur offender - by a mile. "We know she's on the prowl for a young cub, but someone needs to tell Madge that wearing fur doesn't make you a cougar," snipes PETA. Being the ultimate hipster and woman of class, the 50-year old Madonna dates a 22-year old male model. Other fur-flaunting celebs making Peta's most-hated list are the Olsen twins and Kayne West. Learn more: PETA

Jennifer Aniston's 50K Hairstyle:

Jennifer Aniston Long Hairstyle photo

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Jennifer Aniston is another of those 'green-talking' celebs, who can't seem to scale down her luxe lifestyle. While, she did make an eco-move to save the planet by brushing her teeth in the shower to save on water. (Good one, Jen). The actress who claims "to be just like us" needs a reality check. Ms. Aniston spent $50 thousand to keep her hair looking red carpet ready while in Europe on a one week promotion. Jen insisted her personal hairstyle be by her side and had him flown into Europe, paid for his first-class hotel stays, and forked over $2000 per hair-styling session. Not to be a hater, but in these tough times - Jen's extra greens could be spent on more worthy causes. Thanks: Perezhilton

Marcia Cross Feeds The Children:

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The Desperate Housewife actress takes time out of her crazy schedule to help out kids in need. The actress teams up with Feeding America to help provide one million meals to poverty-stricken American children and families this year. To kick-off this do-good mission, Marica will volunteer with the Food Bank For New York City in Harlem on Monday. She will help a class of 20 kids shop for nutritious meals and give nutrition tips. Learn more: Feeding America

Jennie Garth Puts On Eco-heels:

Jennie Garth photo

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The 90210 actress joins fellow green fashionistas for a girl's night out for Dress for Success. The eco-style site, Eco-stiletto,is hosting a give-back bash in Los Angeles on March 10th at Intuition. Celebs, like Jennie, Jenna Elfman, and Anna Getty are bringing their gently-used, work-appropriate shoes to donate to the women's charity group. In return, for recycling their shoes for a good cause, the stars can then shop the hottest eco-fashions. Learn more: Dress For Success

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