Madonna's Sticky Situation, Alec Baldwin's Tennis Serve, and More

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Madonna marked the end of her "Sticky and Sweet" tour with two performances in Tel Aviv--and celebrated by ordering up 110 pounds of beef. Maybe she thinks eating kosher is less cruel (although the animals would disagree), but that doesn't lesson the environmental footprint:Ecorazzi did the math and found out that the material girl's order required a whopping 271,040 gallons of water to produce--which is enough water for the average person to shower every day for nearly 30 years. We'd love to see her explain herself out of this sticky spot. (Via Ecorazzi)

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With Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on the DL after injuring himself during a concert, guitarist Joe Perry steps into the soundbite spotlight with an interview in Outdoor Life magazine where he explains his philosophy on hunting: "I don't shoot anything that I don't eat. Hunters are conservationists and their heads are in the right place...(Hunting) really gives you a great opportunity to keep in touch with reality. Meat doesn't just show up at the supermarket in Saran Wrap." While the Humane Society of the United States targets the cruelest forms of hunting--like captive hunts, contest kills, internet hunting, and wildlife pens--hunting for food is different from hunting for sport. What do you think: Does Perry have a point? (Via Planet Green)

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Have you been glued to the U.S. Open this week? What you're not seeing are the green initiatives that the organization made off the court--with the US Tennis Association, the National Resources Defense Council, and PSA spokesperson Alec Baldwin--including recycling, for the first time ever, plastic tennis ball cans; in the past, the metal ring at the top had made it impossible to find a plant that would separate the pieces to make them recyclable. Other green moves include adding recycling bins to public areas, serving more organic food, and debuting two eco-message tees, including one that says, "Save Our Planet--It's the Only One with Tennis." (Via NY Observer)

Oxfam enlisted global ambassador Gael Garcia Bernal for help with this video that counts down the days to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. With just 100 days left, Garcia Bernal and explain the importance of the conference--and how you can help. "There are only 100 days remaining for the world to agree on a deal to tackle the biggest threat facing humanity," the heartthrob actor says. "Every one of us is now responsible to pressure our leaders to be bold and decisive." (Via GreenMuze)

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