M2: Minimum Space, Maximum Living

If you are looking for an overview and introduction to design of small spaces, you could pick up Philip Jodidio's book, released in August, 2006. It covers the hoary standards from last ten years (the loft cube is getting a bit old for a new book). The brief descriptions, published in both french and english, are short and shallow. Good photography but not much new and not much insight. Furthermore, if you read TreeHugger regularly you have seen the Billboard Building, the Microcompact Homes, Tim Pyne's M House, the Loft Cube and many others. About the only project new to TreeHugger readers might be the Bates Maher designed Poustinia at the Glencomeragh House Retreat Center.

A poustinia is, according to wikipedia, "a small sparsely furnished cabin or room where one goes to pray and fast alone in the presence of God." Other than this find, there is little new in ::Minimum Space, Maximum Living available at ::Ballenford Books

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