Love Your Earth: Sustainable Design Competition from designboom

designboom-love-your-earth.jpgThe folks over at designboom have teamed up with DA - Design Association in Japan to host a collaborative design competition. Called "love your earth", the competition is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts alike. Like Metropolis' Next Generation Design Competitions and Heated Issue: A Global Warming Design Competition, the event is founded on the idea that things have to change here on the Mothership Earth, and sooner rather than later. Say the organizing 'boomers, "Throughout history graphic design has proved itself as one of the best means to instigate a change in society and communicate the urgency of action. we are looking for graphic artworks that will raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting our delicate planet. your graphic design should provoke a positive change in the many things that are compromising our biosphere." The competition criteria include original/innovative design, attractive design, communication of the theme, and medium flexibility (e.g. transferable from postage stamp to poster to flag), and they want entries from all design fields. Applications will be accepted until September 01, 2007; shortlisted designs will be used for flags, stamps, posters etc. and exhibited throughout the city of Tokyo and inside the 100% Design Tokyo venue, during Design Week (from October 31 to November 04, 2007) and there's even a chance to win some bucks: first prize is ¥500,000, second earns ¥200,000 and there are three prizes of ¥100,000. As with other such competitions, we really like to see designers getting integrated into the TreeHugging process; if we can help convince artists, architects, industrial and even computer and graphics designers to design with the planet in mind from the get-go, there'll be a lot less mess to clean up. Interested parties can click here to get registered (it's free) and begin the submission process; check out all the details here. ::designboom's love your earth

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