Love, Pie, and Flower Valentines Delivered by Bicycle

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H.G. Wells said: "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." What is even more hope-filled is to see the growing number of green entrepreneurs delivering their wares and services by bike.

Human-powered delivery is not only an ancient art, it's a way to help balance out the CO2-heavy trucking that keeps our cities in perpetual traffic jams. Remember Xmas trees by bike?

Now, just in time for Valentine's Day, whether you live in San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland (come on, East Coasters, this bike business thing can't be just a western phenomenon, can it?) you can declare your love - or at least the delivery of your love offering - in a carbon-free fashion.


One of the cards you can include in your Love by Bike order.
Love by Bike, based in Portland, is a direct offshoot of the Trees by Bike company we wrote about in December. Love by Bike is offering a dozen roses (from a local Oregon grower) or vegan truffles, locally-roasted coffee, and cute cards like the one above from local artists. In addition, Love by Bike is giving 10% of sales (actual revenues) to the Portland Women's Crisis Line. The flowers, coffee, chocolates and card plus delivery are selling for $80. There's also the option to give your love a bicycle tune-up from Portland-based Veloshop ($80).

Handmade Cards - these are some unique handmade cards from two artists in town.
Trailhead Roasters Bolivian coffee - this is locally roasted coffee by a small business on the eastside - the coffee supports a coop of women farmers abroad.
Missionary Chocolates - these locally produced vegan chocolates use great ingredients to yield dairy-free deliciousness.
Peterkort Roses - Grown in Hillsboro, OR these local roses are beautiful and will last much longer than those shipped from South America.
Portland Women's Crisis Line - We're giving 10% of every purchase (not profit, but actual revenue) to this great organization that provides so much for our local community.

Because nothing says love like pie, we give you two pie delivery by bicycle companies. The first, Natalie at Bike Basket Pies bikes around San Francisco, selling her sweet and her savory pies by order and also showing up at various events around town. Her whole pies are $25 plus a $5 pie pan delivery deposit (you've got to love that, no disposable pie plates), and though Natalie isn't doing special Valentine's pies (her regular delivery dates are Tuesdays and Wednesdays) she will take your timing requests at her web site.

If you live much further north in Seattle, Piecycle's Max Kraushaar is your pie guy. What's great about Kraushaar's delivery service is that it lets all of the last-minute lovers still delivery a slice of love. Kraushaar's service is available "late night" on Friday and Saturday nights for just $3 for a slice (in the University district) and $25 for personal delivery of a whole pie. Since Valentine's is on a Tuesday this year, it's either get your pie a little early or bribe Kraushaar. But with a pie-flavor like Toffe S'mores - well, can you think of a better way to say it?

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