Lovable Baby Toys


Infants put everything in their mouth so mommies and daddies want to make sure that the toys that go in are well made in a good, safe and trustworthy factory. Sounds like fair trade and certified and environmentally friendly are the key words to look for... This teddy bear is made of recycled materials and you can send in your own fabric to have it made for your child from a favourite dress or curtains. They will even add a personalised message or name on the foot. So sweet.

The vegetable rattle is hand-knit out of cotton in the shape of a carrot, corn, or a radish. It just might get the little one to love veggies at an early age.

The same Bangladeshi women also make a crocheted cat doll that is striped and whiskered. Wood toys have to be made from sustainable wood and with non-toxic paint and varnish and secure fastenings. A jolly wooden bear, hanging over the crib, with a striped tee-shirt and red ball hands, will cheer up tired children and parents.
:: The Guardian

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