Louisiana Wetland Activists Demonstrating for Habitat Restoration

louisiana coastal land loss image

Image via America's Wetland Foundation

The 2009 hurricane season is about to commence and activists from America's Wetland Foundation (AWF) want to draw attention to the loss of coastline habitat that is normally the first line of protection against powerful hurricanes, but that is disappearing at an alarming rate. This weekend, the organization is planning public demonstrations and rallies to urge national leaders to restore Louisiana's coast. The landscape that offers coastal protection is eroding at a rate of 17 miles a year due to a variety of causes from sea level rise to oil drilling and levee building. Scientists are saying that if the wetlands are not restored within 10 years, there is little hope of ever getting it back.

Through a series of free concerts, forums and other events, AWF hopes to educate people on the need for restoring the coastal habitat.

While the need is great, so is the expense. Scientists say it would take billions of dollars to restore the habitat.

If you're the southern part of Louisiana this weekend, be sure to check out the events!
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