Lost in Space: Utne Reader, November-December


Digging into an issue of Utne Reader (the older title of the magazine has returned with new owner Ogden Publications) often takes a reader around the world; the latest issue also takes them into space. The issue's feature section includes "a requiem for the Space Age," a consideration of the promises and pitfalls of the new corporate space race, musing on "law and order in the final frontier," and even an argument for staying focused on the planet we inhabit vs. those we don't. Readers more interested in earth-bound matters will find plenty to engage them, also, including a report on the Pacific island of Nauru, which has become barely habitable as a result of over 100 years of phosphate mining, an overview of urban wind turbines, a brief article about American cities' attempts to reduce the environmental costs of searching for a parking space, and a presentation of options available for a green wedding. Finally, the November-December issue celebrates the life and work of journalist I.F. Stone, and also announces the nominees for the Utne Independent Press Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees, including our many friends in the "Environmental Coverage" category. As always, Utne Reader combines thoughtful original work with the best writing from a wide range of independent publications. ::Utne Reader, November-December 2006

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