Lost & Found: Barcelona Reinvents Second Hand Markets

You can find a few second hand markets in Barcelona, such as Antiguos Encantes, but finding cool stuff at a decent price is not easy, especially when you are not a local. On the other hand however, we all (Barcelonians are no exception) have a few too many objects sitting at home that we grew tired of, while constantly looking for new gift ideas or a special something for ourselves. So while the idea of second hand is attractive to many (cheap, more personal, recycled, longevity, less waste ), in reality shopping at second hand markets can be disappointing. A few months ago however, we came across the Lost & Found market in Barcelona, who turned the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) into a sunday event, insired by US garage sales, European flea markets and other famous markets like Queen's Day in Amsterdam, Camden Town in London and New York's Free Market on 5th Ave.Everybody can participate at Lost & Found's art and second hand market, by previously signing up to sell personal objects. Lost & Found has become a street showroom for clothes, art, toys, comics, computer science, music, books, etc, but also a place to meet and spend sundays together. It is about interchanging objects and ideas, meet people, listen to live music and participating in a different way of enjoying the creative culture of this sunny city. Lost & Found define themselves as "the place where another opportunity is given to those objects that are already lost. It is an alternative and sustainable way to acquire goods, get rid of your old belongings and find new treasures."

There are 6 different interrelated areas within Lost & Found:

The ART SPACE includes a reduced number of selected young artists who exhibit and sell their work. In the evening an auction will take place with the remaining unsold pieces. Parts of this space are the open workshops, about constructing musical instruments from recycled items, or clothes/bike customisation.

The MARKET SPACE is the interchange and sale of "first need useless article market" area, where it is possible to exchange or buy any kind of items. Lost & Found previously makes sure that the items sold by participating designers and craftsmen are of a certain quality and interest.

The OPEN SPACE promotes reflection and conversation, and offers everybody the opportunity to give his opinion with absolute freedom, inspired by London's Speaker Corner. A conference and debate area, and a book crossing spot
(leave one - take another) are part of the open space.

Throughout the day the MUSIC AREA will host different activities, starting with a warm up performed by local Dj's, and continuing with different bands playing
live on stage.

A CHILDREN'S SPACE is dedicated to the young visitors. It is described as a pedagogical area where the importance of reusing, reducing and recycling is taught through different games and workshops. The idea is to let children living in the same city appreciate the diversity of cultures, languages, etc., by means of games, art and music (painting, theatre, dancing, etc).

Last but not least, the CHEF'S SPACE is all about food. Lost & Found is collaborating with members of the non-profit, eco-gastronomic organisation Slow Food to offer a wide range of variable, healthful food.

Lost & Found takes place once per season. The 3rd edition will take place this coming Sunday, July 6th in Barceloneta (Passeig Joan de Borbó) with over 400 exhibition spaces booked already. Thanks Diego & Bruno for the tip! ::Lost & Found

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