Lost and Found Orchestra

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You may have been one of the twelve million people in 42 countries who saw Stomp--musicians using tin cans and garbage can lids to make percussion rhythms with a wild and urban street beat. Now its creators have come up with a new idea--the Lost and Found Orchestra. All the instruments are made from recycled...anything. Drainpipes, woks and beds--they can get a tune out of it.

There is a percussion section made up of guys sawing. The woodwinds use bellows, bottles and kettles. The giant cuicas features a 220 litre blue barrel, found at a rummage sale at the local plumbing suppliers. The bottle bellows feature 30 left-over bottles, each turned to different notes. The timpani section uses soup cauldrons and traffic cones become trombones. This is recycling taken to an extreme.

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The squonkaphone is a mixture of a drain pipe and a balloon and sounds like a saxophone--sometimes. The Plumpet is a "trumpet" made from a length of hose and a traffic cone. Another is a two-tiered iron frame of bellows attached to layers of wine bottles and, for the higher notes, distinctive round Kikkoman soy sauce bottles. All are filled with differing quantities of water. It's not always easy; as its designer says "This entailed some sacrifices. We ended up with more soy sauce than we knew what to do with. I still gag at the thought of another salmon stir-fry." They combine these instruments with a lively show that has gotten some very good reviews. Watch for them, or make your own. :: Lost and Found Orchestra
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