Loose Fit: World's First Carbon Neutral Surf Shop


It is a big claim. But they do qualify themselves, saying "as far as we know." And because we all know that carbon offsetting of itself is not enough to make the world a better joint to be hanging out in, Loose Fit, a surf shop and cafe in Braunton, United Kingdom, also run to a few other eco-initiatives. They are a member of 1% For The Planet, giving one percent of their net sales to enviro orgs. They plant a tree for every surfboard sold and have signed onto a GreenPower scheme with their electricity utility. Plus they now sell a line of organic T-shirts printed with what they believe is the first certified organic textile printing inks, which is kinda impressive. Oh, and there is vague talk about eco-surfboards too. But all up they appear to making more effort than many surf retailers so brownie points to ::Loose Fit.