London Sustainability Weeks


Can London's businesses be persuaded to take responsibility for their environmental impact? That's one of the key aims of the third annual London Sustainability Weeks, now underway. Organised by the London 21 Sustainability Network, the two week programme promotes and supports initiatives designed to make London a greener, healthier and more sustainable city.More than 400 events are planned including business breakfasts for developers, farmers markets, organic picnics, tree nursery open days, butterfly surveys, tours of the BedZed eco-village and an introduction to practical alternative energy sources run by Solar for London.
This week's big event is Thursday's Re-Use and Recycle Day, which aims to persuade the city's inhabitants to recycle more. Londoners produce 3.4 million tonnes of rubbish a year, enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every hour, but only 11 percent of London's rubbish is recycled.

[By Simon Crerar]