London Event: Sustainable Fashion at Cape Farewell's SHIFT Festival

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Image courtesy of Cape Farewell, Via Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Southbank Centre is hosting Cape Farewell's SHIFT festival, a series of events engaging artists, architects, scientists, and the general public in a discussion about climate change inspired by Cape Farwwell's expeditions to the High Arctic and the rainforests in Peru. The Centre for Sustainable Fashion will be on hand to ensure fashion is a part of the cultural responses , click through for details: According to the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, they will showcase "fashion's creative responses to the social, cultural, and ecological dilemmas of the era," over the course of the four-day conference, from January 29 to February 1, 2010. Highlights from Fashioning the Future 2009 awards, will be on display in the Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, as well as the first ever graduate showcase from London College of Fashion's MA Fashion & the Environment. Kate Fletcher will also lead "Local Wisdom," a live session where members of the public are invited to share the story of their clothes, more below.

Local Wisdom seeks to recognize and honor sustainability activities in fashion that exist at the level of the user. This project captures and celebrates personal stories relating to garments, giving fashion a platform to flourish and inspire.

The event is free and open to the public, visit SHIFT and/or Centre for Sustainable Fashion for more. Thanks to Timo Rissanen for tipping us to the news.

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