London Design Festival 2010: Embodying Ethics, a Hunter Jacket Turns into Trophy

rohan chhabra's hunting jacket

Image credit: Rohan Chhabra

Not being fans of killing animals as a pleasure activity, we quite like designer Rohan Chhabra's Embodying Ethics he presented at this year's Designersblock at the London Design Festival. Hanging in his exhibition space you could see a hunter's jacket, which, bit by bit, transformed into a curious looking Ram's head wall mount. We are basically talking about a well-designed jacket that changes its use when done hunting, and transforms into a trophy to hang on the wall. Thinking in practical terms, it's also an original way to store that bulky hunting jacket off-season. We like the story this object tells, the questions and awareness it raises about ethics and consumption, and the way it is made; very clever! Visit Chhabra's web site for more socially responsive designs and the video of the Hunting Jacket. ::Rohan Chhabra

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