Lloyd Says, It's Cool to be Green


Amber MacArthur is the New Media Specialist for City News International and one time judge of the Webby Awards. Seems she is a fan of TreeHugger and in particular, our own TreeHuggerTV, reporting that we'd won a recent Vloggie Award. Lloyd Alter is our resident architecture and prefab expert, whose writing style often requires that he puts his tongue in his cheek, while placing fingers on keyboard. Anyhow, as the two are in Toronto, they thought why not hang out in a city park (with trees) and have a chin wag about the rise of blogs and the burgeoning parallel interest in 'going green', all whilst maintaining one's hipness. If you pardon the mini advert at the front of the segment, you'll get an insight into what drives Lloyd to be one of our more prolific writers. Hear what "baby steps" he has made in the ongoing greening of his own lifestyle. And maybe you'll even pick up on the subtle name dropping for one of Lloyd's fave eco products. See the interview here >::City TV.

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