Liz Hurley Quitting Acting to Concentrate on Organics

Just about a year ago, we reported that Elizabeth Hurley would be launching her own brand of organic baby food, saying that she was inspired by her three-year-old son Damian, and that "I found all I wanted to do was give him perfect, unadulterated food. It would be wonderful to come up with good, maybe even convenience, food which is really healthy, low-calorie, organic and delicious." She is so committed to this vision that she's giving up acting to concentrate on her new endeavor. Saying "it's the only place I want to be," she has retreated to her estate in the British countryside, and is busily making plans to go green. ""When we get our organic status we're going to farm properly and we're going to have a herd of cows and proper sheep and proper chickens, and we're going to have small amounts of Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. I've joined the breeders' club already and I'm quite excited about it," she said about her lifestyle change. Talk about walking the walk... via ::Ecorazzi

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