Living the Green Lifestyle at Oberlin College

unplugged fridge at oberlin college SEED photo

The New York Times visits Oberlin College's new SEED, or Student Experiment in Ecological Design, "a microcosm of a growing sustainability movement on campuses nationwide, from small liberal arts colleges like Oberlin and Middlebury, in Vermont, to Lansing Community College in Michigan, to Morehouse in Atlanta, to public universities like the University of New Hampshire."

Students time their showers, unplug their fridge, turned down the thermostat, composted worms, and got rid of the television. "It's not about telling people, 'You have to do this, you have to do that,' " [junior Lucas] Brown said. "It's about fitting sustainability into our own lives." And hoping, he added, "that a friend will come over, recognize that it's fun, start doing it, and then a friend of theirs will start doing it." ::New York Times

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