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Lynette Chiang is an Customer Evangelist for Bike Friday. She rides about the planet, telling people to get on their bike, preferably bearing a name that reminds one of the weekend. A career that started when she set off to see the world on two wheels and discovered that "my 'weird' Bike Friday brought precisely the kinds of people I wanted more of in my life: people who zag when others zig. Which brings us to Dan Price. A true zagger, if ever there was one. Dan lives in a 8 foot (2.44m) round subterranean hobbit hole. Seems a strange place for a Utne Award Winner, father or two, and photojournalist, to hang out, but Dan reckons most people are slaves to their work. And after authoring the handwritten book Radical Simplicity (which we reviewed here), Dan has come to some simple conclusions: "Basically, the average person spends a ton of their time working for very little money, just to survive. I spend a very little of my time working for enough money to not just survive, but do what I love - draw and travel." He goes on, 'I've worked out it you can live on around $5000 a year. All you need is a piece of land, and a source of fresh water, and you can make a life.' Read much more about his unique life, and his hobbit house, in the engaging and whimsical story Lynette wrote for her ::galfromdownunder blog.