Livia Firth's Fashion Revolution, Pearl Jam's Green Roots, and More

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Colin Firth's wife, Livia Firth, positioned herself as one of this award season's must-see celebs with a diverse roster of dresses--including a textured white ballgown and a sleek black sheath--that all had one thing in common: eco-friendly construction. Livia, who owns the London-based sustainable fashion boutique Eco Age, told EcoStiletto about her self-imposed Green Carpet Challenge, in which she wore only eco-friendly designs while supporting her husband for his role in A Single Man, and about the rest of her green initiatives, from maintaing a backyard garden and choosing natural beauty products to atoning for her biggest eco-sins and supporting the future of ethical fashion. "If this Green Carpet Challenge can start a tiny little change it will be incredible," she says. "It's the most wasteful industry and nobody is talking about it. They talk about food, planes, cars. But fashion is among the biggest out there for consumption and waste."

Pearl Jam Puts Down Roots

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Photo via The Liner Notes Pearl Jam may be one of the most successful bands in the world, but they still think of themselves as a local group--and, as guitarist Stone Goassard told Reuters, that means supporting the environment in their home state of Washington. The band, which hit the road for a 32-date tour last year, has announced plans to offset the carbon footprint of their trip--and the travel of the nearly half a million fans who came out for the shows--by planting 33 acres of trees in Seattle, Redmond, and other Pacific Northwest cities. The $210,000 investment comes on top of an additional $150,000 that Pearl Jam has donated toward climate change efforts in the last seven years, and follows the band's belief that real change takes constant work. "The idea of a celebrity is fantastic in terms of raising awareness for a day or a week," says Gossard, "but it needs consistent business policy in the long term."

Kristen Bell Goes Barefoot

The third annual One Day Without Shoes, sponsored by TOMS, has a new shoeless celeb on its side this year: actress Kristen Bell, who filmed this video to support the April 8 event. TOMS, which donates one pair of shoes to a child in a developing country for every pair they sell, wants everyone to skip the sneakers for one day next week to spread the word about how dangerous it can be for people who go barefoot every day; a life without shoes exposes people to deadly and disfiguring diseases, prevents kids from going to school, and makes even the most basic tasks more difficult. Read more about the event from TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, and then find a barefoot walk in your town.

Celebs Hit the Red Carpet for Cars and Climate Change

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A climate change debate doesn't usually draw a red-carpet crowd, but this week's Darker Side of Green discussion at the New York Auto Show was the exception to the rule. Stars in attendance--including Emmy Rossum, Grechen Mol, Kyra Sedgwick, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zach Braff, and Kevin Bacon--were treated to sets from DJs Paul Sevigny and The Misshapes during the Lexus-sponsored event, while host Sarah Silverman moderated a chat between proponent Amanda Little, author of Power Trip, which discusses our relationship with fossil fuels, and skeptic Phelim McAleer, director of Not Evil Just Wrong, who sees energy use as "a sign of progress." See what everyone wore--and vote for your favorites--at The Huffington Post.

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