Livia Firth Wears Prophetik Peace Silk Gown to 2011 Golden Globes

livia colin firth golden globes photo

Livia and Colin Firth with Prophetik's Jeff Garner. Photo: Fairphoto
Livia Firth stunned on the red carpet at the Golden Globes Sunday night wearing gorgeous green fashion.

The wife of actor Colin Firth, who was named best dramatic actor for his role in The King's Speech, wore an Ahimsa silk (peace silk) number in naturally-dyed indigo blue, designed by Prophetik's Jeff Garner.

livia firth prophetik golden globes photo

Prophetik's Jeff Garner fits Livia Firth. Photo: Fairphoto

As Firth documents on her Green Carpet Challenge blog over on Vogue UK, Prophetik designer Jeff Garner designed the Golden Globes dress using peace silk and hemp. Garner, who was born-and-bred in Tennessee, grows his own indigo plants and naturally dyes the fabrics by hand. The result is southern-inspired and simple, yet refined, green fashion, and in this case, it is an elegant and romantic gown.

Read more on Vogue UK.

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