Live Local: Finally, a Social Networking Website With Purpose

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Live Local is the digital equivalent of hanging over the fence and chin wagging with your neighbour, sharing stories about what's worked for you and what hasn't.

Just a couple of months old, the Live Local website acts as a storehouse of these stories, or experiments, about how to improve your local economy, save energy and make air and water cleaner. A way to "celebrate the unexpected, random activities that make communities vibrant and fun." It is certainly a whole heap more neighbourhood focused and positive action-oriented than most of the vacuous 'look-at-me' that passes for social networking.

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Take for example, experiment Number 109, where a business owner helps promote the skills of unemployed people to other businesses. Or Number 74, where a warts and all discussion is held about trying to grow herbs and vegetables in a one bedroom flat. Or the mother of one, who in experiment Number 43 describes how she has, oddly, found more time to spent with her son, since selling the car and using public transport.

The intangibles from such sharing of stories may be the encouragement from other people, that others are also inspired to adopt or adapt the proffered sustainbility experiments, and in the cross-fertilisation of ideas and action. For at its most basic 'community' is the bonding that occurs from experiences shared.

Live Local grew out of discussions between Piers Dawson-Damer and Dave Gravia. Piers, on discovering the spectre of Peak Oil, moved his family to Tasmania and embraced the tenets of the Transition Initiative, one of which is creating resilience in local communities. Dave Gravina heads up Digital Eskimo, a communications design company in Sydney, with a penchant for social and environmental projects.

Although initially established in Australia, there is nothing that stops Live Local from developing an international community. We can all benefit from the wisdom and learnt lessons of others.

:: Live Local via tip from Joy L.

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