Live in a Landfill, Win £20,000


Normally I try to avoid reality TV at all costs, but a new show in the UK has caught my attention. Dumped will appear on Channel 4 from Sunday, and will document 11 contestants trying to live for three weeks on a landfill site.

Contestants had to make shelters from rubbish, but modern health and safety laws prevented the producers from making them forage for food, which is a shame. Any contestants who managed to stick it out to the end of the show shared a £20,000 prize, but you’ll have to watch to find out how many made it.Because of the possibility of dangerous gasses harming those who took part, a fake landfill was created with rubbish from real tips. "We would kill them and we are not allowed to do that," said Andrew MacKenzie of Channel 4, “If people come to us it will prove that the environment is a big talking point and this is a radical TV concept."

"We have longed for an idea about the environment because we have felt it is more and more important but all the ideas we received were dull. This is a very simple idea and I feel it is the best we have heard in the last 18 months. I hope, by osmosis, people's habits might change or that it will at least be thought-provoking."

One contestant, Darren Lumsden, said, "I don't believe that what we are going to do is going to achieve anything. If I don't believe in it I won't be doing any good for myself or other people." Fellow contestant, Sasha Gardner, was more positive though, saying "I got so much from this experience. I didn't really know much about recycling before and I didn't know what a carbon footprint was. Now I am more conscious of what I throw away and I don't fly as much." ::Guardian

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