Live Earth: We Love Hippies But... (NRDC Video with TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill)

The concert has kicked off, but some out there are still bemoaning Live Earth as insignificant in terms of meeting the challenges of the climate crisis. A shallow spectacle. If aspects of our civilization weren't shallow, would we be in this climate mess in the first place? Let's not fight it, let's adapt it and integrate it. We would even argue that no publicity is bad publicity. Uh, wait, no raising of awareness is bad raising of awareness. How about no consciousness-raising is bad-consciousness-raising? That's "CR" to you dyed-in-the-wool crunchy politicos. Ok, the hairdos, affected accents, and self-effacing self-importance of le music pop of Live Earth may get a bit trying along the way (yes Eskimo Joe, climate change does have something to do with the new iPhone coming out), but there exists a sweet spot between well-intentioned narcism and dropping out. In this NRDC video, TreeHugger's Founder Graham Hill and Media Architect Nick Aster remind us why getting into the green zone of the new aesthetic helps to make a lasting difference.

For 40 years...the green movement and the green aesthetic have been associated with hippies and that market is very served, and it's a very small one. And so to get it to cross over into the mass market, you need to make it compelling and sexy.

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