Live Earth: Scientists set to Rock Antarctica to Deliver on Gore's Promise for Music on Every Continent


An indie-folk rock ensemble made up of scientists already stationed in Antarctica will perform for Live Earth fulfilling Al Gore's promise for music from 7 continents on 7.7.07. The band Nunatak, the Greenlandic word that means an exposed summit of a ridge mountain or peak within an ice field or glacier, will be rocking the ice for their 17 on-site colleagues and also for, well, the rest of the world. Former Vice President Gore personally reached out to the band, not that he had many alternatives. Live Earth organizers did originally explore the idea of flying in performers, but quickly dropped that when told the continent is pretty much inaccessible during the winter. The Rothera Research Station itself is on the Antarctic Peninsula, the fastest warming region on Earth. Temperatures there have risen by 5 degrees F during the last 50 years. In-depth historical timeline of how we got here after the jump.

July 20, 1984: Orwell's nightmare has yet to come true (as it will under the Cheney / Bush administration) but one movie makes it abundantly clear that the personal computing revolution will inevitably turn everyone into a wonderful, lovable nerd.

March 12, 2002
: Everyone is now in fact a nerd (cellphones, blogs, internet bubble burst 1.0) while the collapse of Antarctica's Larsen B ice shelf sends a clear signal that even nerds who were robbed in a presidential election must declare that they are not only a nerd (slide show) but are also green (slides of Larsen B ice shelf collapse) which now makes them lovable.

July 7, 2007: The long awaited convergence of cool and green is complete as scientists with the British Antarctic Survey rock the ice of a warming world stage along side Sting, Madonna and comedian Michael Mittermeier who kills with a German sense of humor as the German Defense Ministry battles to keep Scientologist Tom Cruise from shooting his next film on the European Continent. Via ::MSNBC