Live Earth Auctions Tickets & Encourages Carpooling


All these months we’ve been talking about Live Earth and 7/7/07 is just about here. Don’t have tickets to the event and missed our Green Theater contest challenge? Live Earth just announced they have partnered with eBay to auction tickets, travel packages and special pre-event items. Also available for bid is a one day consultation on how to green your life and home. These auctions will be complete by July 1. On July 12, another round of auctions will begin which will include signed memorabilia from the event. All of the funds raised will benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection. Live Earth is also encouraging us to spread the word about what the day is all about. If you already have tickets to the event, send an Evite to friends asking them to carpool or, if you don’t, consider throwing a Live Earth party and watching it on the tube. Either way, this major event will have you and your friends talking about for years. ::Live Earth