Live 8 - Towards a Just World

A while back, Worldchanging put up a link to a gorgeous little video animation, known as the Wombat. Its message - that we are all in this together. All of us, no matter whether rich or poor. The whole idea of ‘Sustainable Development’ is premised on the notion of providing appropriate resources for the generations that follow. What about those, who today are bereft of those resources? In the next week you’ll see an unprecedented action to help those less fortunate move to a more sustainable existence. The Live 8 concerts and The Long Walk To Justice will focus global attention on the issues of third world debt, aid and trade. The campaign doesn’t want your money, it wants your voice. Give it. (and if you just come to TH for the ‘design’ then go look at the videos, to see how eloquently a message can be delivered. That’s design for the real world.) ::Live 8