Live 8 Not Only Festival Turned Into Dump

This is more or less a follow up to our post about Live 8. We were surprised at the huge amount of trash left on site, but it seems that it was no extraordinary occurrence; In the comments of that post, reader Haakon Eriksen told us about the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. There is no doubt that it's a good event (profits are donated to initiatives for children), but the audience was not on its best-behavior. "It's an 8-day event where people camp out before and during the days when there are concerts. On the last day, just before leaving I took a few pictures of the camp site. These are taken just by turning around on the spot, not by going out and looking for the worst areas. Note the geniuses in the first picture who set fire to their tents. A lot of people did this, and the stench of burnt plastic and garbage was horrible." More pictures in the extended view of the post.



Any reader has a good or bad festival experience to share with us?