LIME's New Rabble-Rouser

Ms. Rabble

Meet Ms. Rabble, the hostess-with-the-mostess of LIME's new animated webisode series of the same name. Voiced by Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson and produced by award-winning short-filmmaker Frank Chindamo, Ms. Rabble aims to present "a fresh and irreverent perspective of today's green living movement."

Cozy up to Ms. Rabble on her couch as she dishes—rather shrilly, I might add, which started to get on my nerves after a while—on recycling (diapers and boyfriends), the importance of living a balanced lifestyle, and self-awareness. Well, right after you sit through the creepy minotaur shilling for Silk Soymilk."Green and healthy living has become mainstream and we wanted to create something that would connect with a broad audience and make them laugh," said Judith Tolkow, SVP, Programming, LIME. "We created Ms. Rabble for the newcomers to the green lifestyle, as well as for the loyalists, as an irreverent and entertaining look at the green living sector."

Ms. Rabble heads up LIME's "Ditch It" month, presenting ways of detoxing your mind, body, and home. :: Ms. Rabble