LIME: The Green Room

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother is going to be a little bit lonely today. DiCaprio, perhaps Mother Earth’s favorite son, intends to spend the day planting trees with the Los Angeles based group TreePeople. "We’re helping reforest the decimated Southern California mountains. It’s time to do what we can for the planet," says DiCaprio. Additionally, his global warming film, The 11th Hour, is slated to come out this fall. He’s also rumored to be attached to a biopic about American conservationist President Theodore Roosevelt. Hopefully Mama DiCaprio has somebody else to go to brunch with…This week Grist features an interview with Al Gore about his upcoming global warming movie, An Inconvenient Truth. It’s a wonderful interview full of insight into the way the movie was made and some of Gore’s ideas for the future. The end is a bit disappointing, though; Gore reiterates that he has no intention of running for office in 2008. It’s really too bad, because his supporters say that this time he’d not only win the election, but also the ensuing Supreme Court case.

The new hit martial arts movie The Promise is filled with breathtaking shots of beautiful landscape, but China’s Yunnan Province, where the film was shot, just got a little bit less pretty. The filmmakers apparently left "garbage, wine bottles, plastic bags and raincoats" littered about the locations they used to film. The producers have also come under fire from environmentalists for leaving totally unnatural structures and set pieces in the area and building a road that uprooted indigenous vegetation. Sounds like a promise not well-kept.

Hoot, which stars Luke Wilson and was produced by Jimmy Buffett, has also caused quite a stir, but not with environmentalists. The infamously biased media has it all figured out: the movie was made to turn your children into eco-terrorists. Logically, I have to wonder what will become of kids who watch R.V., a movie that features Robin Williams tooling around the Rockies in a presumably gas-guzzling truck so big you could live in it.

Look out, Prius! There’s another Toyota hybrid taking over the limelight. This Saturday at Revlon’s Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles, Toyota is auctioning off a brand-spanking new 2007 Camry Hybrid. Felicity Huffman, Kate Bosworth, Chaka Kahn, Marcia Cross, and Julianne Moore will all be in attendance. No word on whether or not the rich and famous will have a shot at winning the car or whether they’ll just have to buy their own. For those that are participating, a word to the wise: walk. You’ll thank us in the long run.
[by Josh Jackson, Syndicated from the Planet section of LIME ]