LIME: Superbowl Kicks Off Green Ads

superbowl camry.jpg
Toyota will drop an estimated $2.5 million to air an ad promoting its swanky new hybrid Camry. What sets it apart from the Prius ad it ran on last year's superbowl is the target audience: The company wants to convince to Hispanic consumers to go green. The 30-second spot will feature a Hispanic father and son bonding whilst driving in their Camry hybrid.According to the Associated Press, as the father how the engine switches between a gas-powered and electric-powered drive train, the son remarks that it's similar to the way his father switches between the English and Spanish language. The father then corroborates the comparison, saying he taught the boy English and opted for the hybrid "because I'm always thinking of your future."

Here's a sneak preview of the new and upcoming hybrids and flexible-fuel vehicles in the Ford, GM, Honda, Daimler Chrysler and and Nissan fleets. And here's a primer on the tax credits you can reap from these fuel-saving cars.
[by Amanda Little, Syndicated from the Planet section of LIME ]