Lights Out San Francisco


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Many times, all it takes is a small act to get folks thinking about a big problem. Something as simple as turning off your lights for one hour on a Saturday night can symbolize the large amount of wasted energy most of us use every year. When thousands of your friends and neighbors do it with you? That's called a movement.

On October 20th, residents and businesses in San Francisco will turn off all non-essential lights from 8pm to 9pm. The event, called "Lights Out San Francisco" aims to draw attention to carbon emissions produced from wasted energy. Even many of the city's most famous landmarks plan to go dim during the lights out hour.

Although traffic and other safety lights will remain on, the Golden Gate Bridge will turn off its decorative tower lights. Alcatraz Island will go dim, as well many city, county and business buildings. Restaurants will be promoting romantic candlelight dinners.

In addition, the Bay Bridge and the TransAmerica building have agreed to dim their lights on the 20th. In the second part of their carbon reduction plan, Lights Out San Francisco plans to hand out over 210,000 compact-fluorescent light bulbs that have been donated by the local energy company, PG&E;, and Yahoo!

Sounds like a good idea, no? Maybe that's why other cities are starting to follow San Francisco's lead. Los Angeles now has plans to join in with their own Lights Out event on the 20th. And, event organizer Nate Tyler is trying to take the event nationwide. He is working on a Lights Out America event for March of 2008.

:: Via The Daily Green

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