Life Cycle Management 2007 in Zurich!

If you’re interested in life cycle management (LCM) themes then have we got a conference for you! The 3rd LCM 2007 is set to take place August 27-29, 2007 in Zurich: "LCM is an important framework with a powerful toolbox for the promotion of more sustainable goods, services, and processes. It is essential for implementing sustainable development and life cycle approaches. LCM, sometimes also termed Product Stewardship, is an approach to integrate sustainability into day-to-day as well as strategic decision-making." This gathering of life cycle management academics, professionals, students, and green geeks in general has a long list of interesting topics on the preliminary list of sessions including:
• design for environment • LCM in emerging countries
• eco-efficiency • social responsibility
• environmental communication • sustainable consumption
• energy efficiency/generation • sustainable settlements
• industrial ecology • LCM and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
• LCM and NGOs • promoting Life Cycle Thinking Worldwide (UNEP/SETAC)

With something for everyone, the sectors included in the conference focus are:

• agriculture and food production • banking/financing
• bio-material products • building/construction
• chemical/pharmaceutical • consumer products
• electronics • metal products
• services • transport
• waste management/recycling

This interesting mix of topics and sectors could lead to an interesting weekend at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. The extended Scientific and Organizing Committees with mainly European representation, but a few Canadian, American and Asian reps will help provide for a conference that presents a well-rounded view of the huge spectrum of issues that fall under the heading of life cycle management.

The abstract submission deadline has just been extended to February 11 if you are interested in presenting; otherwise early bird registration is set to begin this month even though forms are not yet available on the conference Website.