LibraryThing: A Bookworm's Idea of Heaven


A couple of years ago we mentioned that Delicious Library was software with which you could catalogue your library, that in turn would make it easier to share your book collection with others. A sort of do-it-yourself Product Service System. Some readers bemoaned that it was only for Macs. Their woes have just evaporated in puff of fairy dust. Enter stage right LibraryThing. It's a web application. Doesn’t require any special barcode scanning devices, or downloading. Just type in a title, or author, or ISBN, or your cats name, and off it goes on its merry way to find all the details of relevant books. It will do the the search via Amazon, the Library of Congress, or any one of 70 libraries the world over. Click a button and you can start building an online index of your personal library, complete with book covers and publisher details and the like. For nix, nada, nothing, you can catalogue 200 titles. or splash out and spend $10 for year or $25 for a lifetime of book nerdery fun. LibraryThing can be asked to show recommendations based on your selected book, or your entire library. It will also indicate how many of the currently 190,000 users have the same book as you. With over 13 million books listed you might be surprised. And if social digital networking is your thing you can also connect with others whose books you like and start swapping. The LibraryThing system doesn’t arrange swaps itself, but does have a links page to all the sites that do. Many of which we’ve featured here in the past. We could go on, but it’s best you try it for yourself. The pic above is of 20, or so, of my own books added in a few minutes. ::LibraryThing.